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Giving Startups The Advantage They Need With Sound Legal Counsel

Businesses are started every day in this country, and many of them can struggle to navigate the thicket of legal regulations and rules that they need to abide by in order to remain in operation. These hurdles can be difficult to learn and costly if violated, so the best course of action is to take proactive steps to mitigate these risks and costs with the help of an experienced commercial attorney. When you work with a knowledgeable business lawyer, you can be confident in the fact that you are receiving insightful legal advice honed from years of experience and research.

For over a decade at my firm, the Law Offices of Nate Kelly in San Francisco, I have been helping startups succeed in the harsh commercial environment, overcoming the barriers to their success through careful planning and strategic, high-quality legal counsel. I am proud to provide all my clients with personalized attention so that they can achieve their goals, and I am selective in the clients that I work with so that I can maintain the balance between each of their needs.

I Can Resolve A Broad Assortment Of Legal Issues For Startup Clients

With the experience and knowledge gained from hundreds of clients and cases that I have resolved, I can help you with a diverse array of legal challenges. My priority is to use my knowledge to directly and diligently help new startups as well as more established companies with their contracts for daily operations and business functions, as well as to promote the long-term growth and investment potential in my client’s company. Some of the concerns I commonly assist clients with include:

  • Corporate finance
  • Intellectual property
  • Customer agreements
  • Third-party vendor agreements
  • Sponsorship agreements

Hiring a big law firm with an established name does not mean that you will be working with one of their premier partners; more often than not, you will be left to one of the junior associates. When you speak with me, you will see that you always work with me. I will help you set realistic goals for your case and then achieve those goals. I never make empty promises, and my results speak for themselves.

Come See How I Can Help Your Startup

If your California business needs legal assistance to overcome some of the growing pains associated with startups, then come speak with me. You can call my office at 888-812-8761 or send me a message online with a description of your situation. I offer free consultations to all my prospective clients, so feel free to call today.